Product Care

Many pieces within our range are a one-off or limited run.

We create new pieces everyday and new items are constantly being listed as we are always sourcing new treasures and coming up with new ideas.

In order to ensure your jewellery looks great, please make sure to take care.

- Don't wear your jewellery while you are having a shower.

- Don't spray perfume directly over your jewellery. If you are wearing perfume, spray before and allow to dry before wearing your jewellery. The same applies for body creams. Perfume contains strong chemicals which can cause a reaction - meaning the plating will tarnish and can eventually break.

- Brass items need to be looked after as brass tarnishes over time - although this does add to a vintage look :) To get your pieces shiny again, wipe with some Brasso.

- Sterling silver jewellery can be polished to a shiny finish simply by cleaning them gently with a sterling silver cleaning cloth (no chemincals).

- Be sure to store jewellery out of direct sun light, preferably in a sealed plastic bag.